January CTE Awareness Month - Concussion Injury

January is CTE Awareness Month

CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) is a condition endured by many athletes and individuals who have suffered accidental brain trauma–including concussions

As the New Year 2018 starts, a number of us have made resolutions to live a better life, both at work and in our personal lives. Living a healthier life is often one of the reasons why we choose to join a gym or dust off the mountain bike and hit a bike trail. However, this also means that we should become aware of ways that we—as well as our loved ones—can propect ourselves from harm caused by something as simple as a sports injury.

Concussions have become a far-too-common occurrence for people who play contact sports. And children are particularly susceptible to this type of CTE injury, given the important role sports play in a balanced and fulfilling school life. According to a research study by Boston University, which was published in July 2017 on The Journal of the American Medical Association, 21 percent of high school football players are diagnosed with CTE.

Add to this statistic the pressure to become a star player and possibly move on to play college football as a pathway to the NFL and you can see why CTE is also becoming a taboo subject among parents and coaches.

But you don’t have to be a football player to suffer from CTE. Sports like hockey, soccer and wrestling have well-documented CTE injuries that show how concussions are becoming a common by-product of school sports participation.

And so, prevention should not be the only New Year’s resolution to reduce the potential for CTE injuries in high school sports. The MyMRI solution, along with its First Response System, allows for a fast reaction by both school officials and first responders, in the event of a concussion or impact-related injury.

Any opportunity to reduce the amount of time from injury to treatment can potentially enhance the positive outcome of reacting to an accident or physical impact on the field. So this New Year’s, please help spread the word and make sure that your friends, family members and school sports officials are aware of MyMRI and its products.

Using individually-curated information listed in our secure system, MyMRI allows first responders access to a variety of information that can help them identify potential threats to effective treatment. Information such as medication, pre-existing conditions and doctor’s contact information can help increase the response time and get an injured player the help they really need.

Stay safe and always remain aware that the best response to an injury is having all the information needed to make better treatment decision.  


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