May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Awareness Month

Physical activity is linked to good health and can add years of life, so get moving and walk, jog or run this month

The sedentary nature of today’s workplaces, where people spend countless hours in front of a computer or taking phone calls, has become a major reason for many ailments. Stress from long days at the workplace also add to damage done by the limited mobility of working adults.

While children and adolescents tend go get more exercise than the average adult, the fact is that even they are now threatened by a sedentary lifestyle with so many reasons to stay indoors—whether it is video games, smartphones or tablets.

For that and many more reasons, it is important to showcase the benefits of what physical activity and playing sports can do for our good health.

Here are some ways to promote physical activity and sportsmanship in your family:

  • Get a gym or health club membership—and start exercising at least two to three times a week. And if you can get the whole family to attend, then go to the gym together.
  • Sign up for a “walking club” or similar activity in your community. And if there isn’t one, consider starting one.
  • Get your children involved in sports by making a commitment to attend their games and matches. They are often motivated by knowing you are there for them.
  • If your child does not know what sport they like, don’t force your own preferences on them. Let them test out a few different sports.
  • If sports are not of your children’s interest, consider having them sign up for a club, weekend camp or Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts. Every bit of physical activity helps.
  • Go to a park with your family once a week and let the children roam and frolic—don’t try to monopolize their time. Let them find out what they like to do most.

Awareness starts the process, but action executes it—and at MyMRI, we encourage adults and children to be more active through physical activity, sports and even indoor activities where your body is actively in motion.

From cycling to football to golf, all physical activity can have a positive effect on people’s lives. How about getting off the couch and start moving? And don’t just limit physical activity to sports, you can also dance, do yoga or even meditate as it fortifies the body and mind.

Are you ready to start a new you? The choice is yours and today’s actions can have a positive (or negative) effect in your future.