August is “Back to School” Safety Awareness Month

All good things must come to an end and this is what happens at the end of the summer vacation and the start of a new school year requires keeping safety first at all times

At MyMRI, we make safety the primary focus on anything we do and at all times. And so, when the time comes to go “Back to School” we want to ensure you are aware of what you can do to keep your children safe.

Here are some of the best way to ensure safety during this “Back to School” month:

1. Don’t Bring Technology to School – We cannot stress enough that a new tablet or laptop computer can be tempting for children who haven’t been taught good values at home. Some children forget that parents work hard to give their children home technology tools and when your children bring them to school, they can be too tempting for potential thieves. Keep the rule simple: only bring technology you can keep on your pockets at all times. The moment an iPad or MacBook goes on the locker, it can lead to a break-in or worst, a bullying situation.

2. Change Combination Padlocks – Starting the new year with a brand-new combination padlock will create a sense of awareness for safety, particularly in schools where children must lock up their books and other belongings. Just like there are bullies in school, there are some children who are always looking for ways to play pranks or take advantage of someone else’s children. Stay ahead of their devious intent by supplying your children with fresh padlocks when going Back to School. Prevention is the first step in safety—and the small investment on a new padlock is a little insurance to protect children who may have inadvertently shown someone their combination.

3. Stay Within School Grounds – Safety measures are sometimes most effective within the school campus. The moment a child steps outside of the school grounds, they are more likely to be vulnerable to any number of challenges ranging from drug dealers to an abduction. Teach children to stay close to the buildings and to avoid wandering away from campus with friends. Show them ways to deflect any invitations to come outside of the campus and if you suspect any drug dealing activity, approach the school’s police or resource officer with any information that can make them aware of it.

BONUS: Parental Safety – When dropping off children for school, be sure to drive slow through the school campus. Many children are not fully prepared for the overwhelming experience (and frenzy) of the Back to School process and can wander in front of oncoming traffic. If at all possible, lower your windows and turn your car stereo system off. This will ensure that you can hear anyone saying “stop” if a child is approaching your car—especially tall vehicles like pickup trucks or SUVs.

There you have it—safety starts by becoming aware of potential threats and taking the steps necessary to create safeguards. Back to School is a time for joy and excitement for your children, but by taking care of their safety with preventive measures, you can ensure the enjoyment for the whole school year!