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“Why My MRI was created”

In 2006 my parents needed my help.  My father was diagnosed with dementia and my mother was in the beginning stages of cancer.  The problem, my parents lived in Virginia and I resided in Florida.  Since I could not move to Virginia, I moved my parents to Florida to live with me, my wife, and my three sons.  My outlook on this situation was my parents took care of me growing up, now it was my turn to return the same.

I learned very quickly that working a full time job and assisting my parents was not going to be easy.  So myself and my wife made the decision that I would leave my management position and take care of my parents.

While taking my mother to various doctor’s appointments I observed that every time we went we were asked the same question, “What medications are you on and what is the dosage?”  And no matter what doctor we went to, it was the same.  Due to the fact that my mother had several different medications, we were asked to bring in the meds in a clear plastic bag.  So we did.  But this was very humiliating for my mother.  I could not understand with all the technology available why there was not an easier way.  I also learned that doctor’s do not communicate with each other.

I began thinking about different ways to have the needed information in quickly.  That is when the idea of the MRI bracelet came to me.  I knew that with an MRI band, patients could have their information with them at all times.  EMT’s would be able to access and begin treatment much quicker.  And each doctor would have important information in order to begin treatment in case of a medical emergency.

“It is best to have the information and not need it, then to want it and not have it.  The life that is saved could be your own!”


Mickey Wells