MyMRI Testimonials

We love to get testimonials that validate the important mission of MyMRI. We work hard to ensure the safety of every user and while we hope they never have to use MyMRI products, we provide value and peace of mind for anyone who needs First Response treatment.

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MyMRI Testimonials

MyMRI Testimonials

Used with permission from each contributor
Michael Attardi

“The NFL Alumni Central Florida Chapter is very interested in My MRI Products. Your invention can help someday save lives and that is a mission that we can embrace and support. The NFL Alumni sees this as a great opportunity to help our membership and provide a service that could make a difference in their lives as well as their family and friends.”

Michael AttardiPast President, NFL Alumni Central Florida Chapter
Rick E.Smith, FACHE

“MyMRI has developed a wrist band that has a QR code embedded in it. In the Healthcare industry, we have long struggled with a way to have pertinent patient demographic information and some medical information readily available when our patients present to the ED or other access points in our system. With a simple QR reader, we can retrieve this information making accurate registration much easier.  I have one and sent one to my own mother, who lives in NW Florida, some 7 hours away. Her physician provider loves it because it keeps an accurate record of her meds etc from visit to visit, even with her failing memory.”

Rick E.Smith, FACHEHealthcare Executive
Joe Addeo

“As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking for new and improved ways to make my business better. In the past 5-10 years, I’ve found that advancements in technology have allowed me to run my business in a way that drastically improves our operation. I was blown away when I discovered MyMRI. This is something that could literally save lives and the concept, product, and supporting technology are revolutionary.”

Joe AddeoHospitality Entrepreneur
Leigh Doyle

“We’re extremely grateful for finding out about MyMRI.  It is truly a simple and complete medical product that my entire family uses.  We are proud to let everyone know about this great product and how it has the potential to save a life!”

Leigh Doyle
Kevin Valentine

“My 15 year old son wears a MyMRI band. Not only does he think it looks cool but it is comforting knowing that in case of any medical emergency that all of his medical information is contained in one place on his person so he gets the fastest response possible from medical personnel.”

Kevin ValentineKensington Church Orlando
Teresa Shupe

“I love the wrist bands I got from MyMRI. The design is so simple and the technology is so easy to use. I wear the MyMRI band every day. It has really helped my husband and I organize of all of our different perceptions. I had grown tired keeping track of the changes with my husbands’s heart medication and we now have an easy way to organize and keep a list of all our medication with us, at all times. The MyMRI band has made this now a light chore and has given us peace of mind. Having on hand access to important medical information this way could one day save our life.”

Teresa Shupe
Rick Pilus

“I truly believe MyMRI can truly help many people. When I first got my band, I thought this invention was too good to be true. Unfortunately, I’ve I had many doctors visits and have been prescribed many different medications. And if you’ve experienced it before, then you know it’s a hassle. I have a severe allergy to penicillin and the thought of it scares me a little. If I was unconscious and couldn’t speak for myself, the MyMRI band could speak for me.”

Rick Pilus
Matt Laws

“I am a healthcare provider that is in the business of providing health coverage for athletes. MyMRI could be extremely useful when needing quick health information on an athlete. It would allow us access to information that can improve the level of care for an injured athlete, without having to search through paperwork or an electronic database elsewhere. Even when we do not know the athlete, MyMRI would be there to give us the information we need to give the best treatment for them. This product is a game changer.”

Matt LawsAthletic Trainer
Robert Paulik

“People with or without illnesses can benefit from the fact that their most important health data is accessible always if needed in an emergency. From blood types to specific medicine allergies, MyMRI can store all sorts of information and make it accessible in seconds. This information can be handy, if not life saving, at certain events.”

Robert PaulikMedia Executive