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MyMRI is actively working with hospitals, schools, sports clubs, athletic leagues, and other organizations that want to make a vested effort in increasing the effectiveness of First Responders with our products. If you are a sports coach, athletic director or a school principal seeking to have MyMRI as your First Response Partner, please request information using the form below.

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The quality of emergency response treatment increases with the amount of information available about the injured individual’s health.

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MyMRI carefully evaluates potential partners to ensure that these organizations can follow our established protocols and processes.

We have developed a critical-need information system designed to provide a secure environment for accessing medical records that have been willingly shared by adults or by parents/legal guardians of a student.

Our QR code stickers and wristbands are designed to be applied or worn while participating in sports where injury is a likely possibility. This system allows you to reduce liability but also contribute to an increase of emergency medical treatment in the event of an injury.

Emergency medical personnel or other First Responders can access medical information for an injured individual, allowing them to read critical details about a patient. Such details may include standard medical information such as blood type, but also may contain details about potentially life-threatening conditions.

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