June is National Safety Awareness

June is National Safety Awareness

Playing it safe is not just a cliché expression—it is a way of life that can reduce your chances of ending up in an Emergency Room

At MyMRI, we want you to live a healthy life. After all, that’s makes you live a safe and fulfilling life. In the month of June, we are promoting awareness about staying healthy through everyday safety decisions. While you may already know these, we want you to know that being aware and mindful is the first step in being safe. Here are some good pointers for you and your family:

  • Buckle Up when Driving: Without question, this should be the first thing you do before you even start your car. Furthermore, by the time you buckle up, everyone in the car should be buckled up. It is possible to be ejected from a car during a crash—even when a car that hits you is driving at 30 miles an hour. Ejection almost always results in a fatality, given the fact you are likely to hit other cars or a structure.


  • Eat Well and Feel Well: Your own wellness starts with the food you are in-taking on a daily basis. Failing to eat well can quickly have a negative effect on your body and cause you to be more susceptible to illness. For starters, avoid fatty or fried foods since they are a major factor in heart disease. The same goes for sugar, which is found just about everywhere. Play it safe so you stay healthy longer and live a great life.


  • Lift with your Legs—not your Back: This is one of the main reasons for ending up in the ER with a herniated disc or pinched nerve. When lifting items over 20 pounds around your home or workplace, do so by lifting with the power of your legs. Lifting with your own back is actually harder to do (although it seems more natural). And if needed, use a back-support belt to ensure you will not hurt yourself while lifting heavy items.


  • Stretch Before Exercising: When you stretch, you warm up your muscles and decrease the likelihood of getting hurt once you start your exercise or sports routine. Be sure to learn how to stretch properly and also eat a small snack before you do so. This will help your body fuel up for a more effective exercise routine.

Above all, when doing common activities, you should use common sense. If you are doing something that does not feel natural—it probably isn’t. Also, monitor children and others around you who may not be doing things right. It is far better to sound like you’re exaggerating than to have to dial 911 after someone gets hurt.

So, there you go, enjoy June and the start of Summer with mindful awareness about your safety and that of others around you. And please spread the word and share it on social media too!