MyMRI is a medical records information system to assist first responders


Learn how MyMRI products can help respond faster to medical emergencies


MyMRI products are available to schools and diverse athletic organizations

Quick Access

Access to medical record information willingly provided to help First Responders during emergency situations

Effective Response

When minutes count, access to critical-need information can help increase response time to injuries

Reduce Risks

Critical information can help reduce complications or wrongful administration of first response health services

Peace of Mind

We hope you never have to use our products, but we want you to be glad you did in the event you do


At MyMRI, we know that there are many people responding to crises, disasters and other types of challenges that may put their life in danger. In the aftermath of a hurricane, earthquake and floods, there are many people heading into the danger zone to help assess, remediate and rebuild. MyMRI products are designed to provide quick and secure access to essential personal medical information. Using one of our MyMRI stickers on your hard hat, equipment, clothing, or cell phone case could help First Responders quickly access your information and provide prompt and effective emergency care if needed. No matter what your craft or profession is, you can remain safe and with peace of mind, knowing that MyMRI can provide access to critical health information in the event of an accident or medical emergency.

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Concussions are a reality in many sports, particularly in high school football, which accounts for over 47% of all concussions reported. And it is widely known that 60% of all injuries tend to occur during training, rather than during a game.

In addition, there is growing concern for concussions in sports where no helmets are worn. Case in point, the growth in interest for soccer and other sports played without protective gear are making it even more important to be aware of the potential for concussion-related injuries.

MyMRI Products

A Company Built Around Safety

MyMRI (short for My Medical Records Information) is a simple solution to a far too common challenge school administrators and athletic directors face: a student getting injured during practice or in a sports match.

When a student is injured while playing a sport–be it football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, etc.–the first reaction is to call 911 or summon any emergency medical personnel at the sports event.

And it is at that point that First Responders require access to critical information, such as medical history or pre-existing conditions, to deliver effective emergency medical treatment following an injury or other medical emergency.

Enter MyMRI, a technology-based solution that uses existing mobile connectivity as a lifeline to a medical records information database. With previous consent and authorization to access this information, First Responders can quickly access basic health information such as blood type, pre-existing conditions and medications, to deliver medical treatment.

Want to learn more about how your school or organization can benefit from MyMRI? Contact us today and let us know how MyMRI can work for you.


Sports Injuries
Every Year


After Injury


are Hurt While
Playing Football

62 Percent

of Injuries Occur
During Practice


After a Sports-Induced Injury, Every Minute Counts

MyMRI offers an opportunity to reduce the effective response time to treatment, immediately after emergency medical personnel arrives. By providing access to critical-need information, First Responders can make better decisions when it matters most. And in cases where allergies, drug interactions or life-threatening challenges can play a role in the treatment, MyMRI is ready to provide that information to ensure the well-being of the injured.

Brain Injuries

According to the CDC, over 30% of all sports injury deaths are caused by traumatic brain injuries.

Growing Threat

There have been more than 300 sports-related deaths since 2008, a number that continues to increase.

Emergency Response

Most sports-related injuries are treated by first responders using information available via school records.