MyMRI Products

Our products are simple, effective and sophisticated, but they have one end goal in mind–to make safety a top priority for every user. Whether you are wearing a MyMRI wristband, a sticker on a helmet or a label on your clothing, you and those who care for your wellbeing will always have peace of mind.

Saving Lives

Our goal is simple: make critical information available to first responders

MyMRI Products

Designed to Complement Your Life

As a First Response Partner, MyMRI will provide you with a product that fits your needs. Every product comes with a QR code that can be scanned by a First Responder to access the information you desire to make available, based on individual permissions.

MyMRI Stickers

MyMRI stickers can be affixed to a helmet or other non-clothing protective equipment worn in active sports or daily activities. The sticker can withstand rain, sweat and the heat from the sun without fading.

Digital Labels

MyMRI Digital Labels are designed for digital-based image printing used for professional on-demand printing regardless of product type or use. Normally used for mass production activities. This type of technology can reach a broader target base.

MyMRI Sticker

MyMRI Heat-Transfer Label

MyMRI Heat-Transfer Label was created to be applied with a heat-transfer process on clothing or sports apparel. The labels are designed to withstand active use but also laundry washing and drying.


MyMRI identification badge or label showing Company’s name or Group and information regarding the holder’s name and sometimes address or business affiliation, attached to an article of clothing or worn around the neck or wrist with MyMRI Important medical information during business or group hours of operation.

MyMRI Wristband

Adjustable MyMRI Wristbands can be adjusted to a smaller or larger size. The MyMRI Wristbands are designed to fit both children and adults comfortably. MyMRI Wristbands are made of high-quality silicone that is non-allergenic and long lasting. Great for fundraising, sporting camps, or day-to-day use. Color/Depending on quantities.

Pet Tag

MyMRI Pet Tag contains the following information:

  1. General Pet Information
  2. Veterinarian’s Information and List of Those Authorized to Make Medical Decisions for Your Pet
  3. Medication and Preventative Information
  4. Food Protocol
  5. Daily Routine
  6. Special Needs
  7. Contact Information

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