MyMRI Products

Our products are simple, effective and sophisticated, but they have one end goal in mind–to make safety a top priority for every user. Whether you are wearing a MyMRI wristband, a sticker on a helmet or a label on your clothing, you and those who care for your wellbeing will always have peace of mind.

Saving Lives

Our goal is simple: make critical information available to first responders

MyMRI Products

Designed to Complement Your Life

As a First Response Partner, MyMRI will provide you with a product that fits your needs. Every product comes with a QR code that can be scanned by a First Responder to access the information you desire to make available, based on individual permissions.

MyMRI Retail Pack Wristband


MyMRI Wristbands come in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL. Constructed in silicone, they are made to withstand sweat and the wear and tear of daily activities by anyone wearing one while playing sports or working out.


MyMRI stickers can be affixed to a helmet or other non-clothing protective equipment worn in active sports. The sticker can withstand rain, sweat and the heat of the sun without fading.

MyMRI Sticker


MyMRI labels were created to be applied with a heat-transfer process on clothing such sports jerseys, backpacks or other apparel. The labels are made to withstand active use in sports, but also laundry washing and drying.